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Pansy Division have a new CD coming out AND a DVD documentary.  Plus Ginoli has a memoir coming out.

You have no idea how happy my hidden queercore little heart is right now.

And why does the Order of the Stick website hate me so much???  Goblins is making me happy, though.

Regarding the whole Dreamwidth thing, I am waiting until the 30th to get mine going, I have always planned on supporting them financially at the start up and won't be changing my mind this close to the date.  I'll be over there with the same name as here since I am too lazy to change it. We'll see how that goes as my posting over here is extremely sporadic.  My IJ got purged because I never used it, I cancelled my Myspace because that sight just annoyed me and I am failing at Facebook because the sight slows my computer down something fierce.

I need to find digital versions of Robertson Davies' various trilogies as mine just keep falling apart due to overuse.  "Tempest Tost" and the entirety of the Deptford Trilogy are in my top five favorite books ever.  The others are "Mists of Avalon" and "Six of One" with the fifth rotating out with whatever mood I happen to be in at the moment.  Currently it is Richard J. Evan's trilogy about Nazi Germany and how they came to power and then collapsed.  I don't like history books for the most part - but this series just kept me hooked all the way through - used a lot of first-person accounts.

In other music news, Jill Sobule's new CD totally rocks my socks.

In comic news DC is annoying me with the way they are marketing some of their books.  Titstitstits.  All theree Oracle covers are cleavage shots - big-time cleavage shots.  The upcoming JLA pictures show full body shots of the guys with Supergirl bigger than life.  All you can see of her are her breasts and bare stomach.  Her breast are bigger than the guys' heads.  Combined.  Although I admit that the upcoming Power Girl series can do as they please, I love Amanda Connor.  The less said about Marvel's upcoming sex-n-the-superheroine series the better.  I am LOVING Marvel's 70th Anniversary one-shots and cannot wait for the Young Invaders one-shot this summer.  MArvel is oh-so-slowly wooing me back - although I am avoiding the Dark Reign and Spider-Man stuff like the plague.  The Ultimate universe lost me already, and I used to thing that universe was among the best they had.  Damn Jeph Loeb.
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How many of you have seen Repo: The Genetic Opera?

And if not, why not?

Sarah Brightman as Blind Mag in a fantastic role for her.  Very creepy eyes. 

Giles from BTVS in a very disturbing role, he can sing!  Who knew.

And Paris Hilton's face falls off.


I watched that scene multiple times for the lulz.

Warning:  it's by the same people who did the Saw films so blood abounds.  I still found it humorous.  And sort of hot.  I want the Gravedigger guy.  His voice thrills me.
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How did I miss this?

There's a comment in there that Whedon said Andrew was canonically gay - this needs to come up in the Season 8 comics.

I admit it, Tom Lenk is crushworthy.
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Why, oh WHY are there no BTVS/PS238 crossovers?

Xander would make an excellent teacher/lecturer for the students. Not to mention a good mentor for both Tyler and Cecil.


And a crossover with Buffy and Co. meeting the Perhapanauts. Choopie and Karl!  Buffy would freak.


On another note entirely:

I am on vacation for a week.  Or so.  I have to go in Monday to run payroll and stuff, but other than that - yay vacation!  I am working my way through my CASE of books-to-be-read.  Not shelf or stack - case.  There are at least 50 or so sci-fi/fantasy alone.  And the library's book sale is tomorrow and I shall be spending much money there.

Strangely I am on a nonfiction kick right now.  Mary Roach's Stiff and Spook have just been completed.  I finally finished WiIlam Manchester's A World Lit Only By Fire, it only took me a month to get through the last 20 pages.  Magellan was not as fun as the rest of the book.  He was a nutter at the end, though.

I also have Margaret Visser's The Rituals of Dinner started which is really interesting.  Almost as good as Much Depends on Dinner, hopefully it will be as entertaining as that one was.  Informative as well.
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When you see this, post in your own journal with a quote from one of the *N SYNC guys.

"Somebody's touching my butt!"

Although that may actually be "someone's" - I cannot exactly recollect.

And where the hell is JC nowadays? Atlantis or Torchwood or something?

And now I want a story with JC/Jack Harkness.
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Why is no one talking about this?

Official John Barrowman music vidoe for "What About Us?"
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Is it wrong of me to want Gail Simone to take over writing of the Teen Titans or the Titans? Either book would work for me. She is a wonder to behold!

LSH is getting cancelled with issue 50. Woe. Although whatever takes its place HAS to be an improvement over the current series.

Eoin Colfer (of Artemis Fowl fame) has been hired to write the sixth HItchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book. The press release is on his website. I thik this means I should read his books now. And WHY are none of the BBC dramatizations of Adams' work available to buy??? I have a couple I have found an various torrent sites but there has to be more out there.

Marvel is really losing me now. About the only thing of theirs I read anymore is Captain Britain and Ultimate Spidey. The Inhumans if they appear in anything are also on my list. And Thor. Although that one is starting to lose my interest.

Feh. PS238, Castle Waiting, Project Superpowers, Secret Six and the Perhapanauts are my current top 5.


Sep. 20th, 2008 11:49 am
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Well, THAT was a waste of fifteen bucks and an hour.

I love Patti LuPone (Sweeney Todd!) and enjoy Boyd Gaines, but the 2008 revival cd for Gypsy sucks ass. It hurt to listen to.

Oh God, "Rose's Turn" is a complete failure.

Even the extra tracks aren't something I enjoyed.

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The Hit Charade: Lou Pearlman, Boy Bands, and the Biggest Ponzi Scheme in U.S. History Tyler Gray Collins, $24.95 (320p) ISBN 978-0-06-157966-0

In the wake of phenomenally successful tweeny-bopper pop stars like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers—as well as the recent reunion of boy-band New Kids on the Block—the time is right for a good look at the ever-present sleaze of the music industry, and journalist Gray provides it in great, greasy bucketfuls. His focus is Lou Pearlman, the manager of the Backstreet Boys and INSYNC who, Gray explains, used their earnings to finance his exorbitant lifestyle including a multimillion-dollar mansion, a fleet of private planes and expensive cars, and, inevitably, “a shady world of endless investments.” Gray’s look at the bands’ music is serviceable. However, Gray has a keen eye for business, and he writes fluently in detailing how Pearlman with “an assembly of hucksters as his new business partners,” massively scammed not only his boy bands (he collected “50 percent of all recording royalties, 100 percent of all advances”) but hopeful model wannabes as well as gullible investors, including Pearlman’s first cousin Art Garfunkel and government officials of Orlando, Fla. (Nov.)

Did you SEE those percentages??? Good grief. I can't wait until November.

go me!

Jul. 10th, 2008 08:08 pm
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I got hit by a car today while crossing the street.

Ten years as a full-time pedestrian with a couple of close calls and it finally happened.

I'm not hurt at all, just a scuf on my pants where her bumper hit me and a sore hand from banging it on her hoodto get her attention. Unobservant woman turning right on red and only looking for oncoming cars.

I had the light and the crosswalk and the walk signal and still she took off and ran into me. By running into me I mean she started when I was almost out from in front of her (no idea how she missed THAT) and I did that hop/skip thing you do when you are trying not to drop something on your foot - and hit her hood with my hand. She then stopped with a surprised look.

I glared and kept walking. She finally rolled down her window and yelled after me to find out if I was ok, I replied "yes, no thanks to you!" and kept walking. And I am fine.

In retrospect I should have cried out and fell to the street to give her a REAL scare. Sadly, I did not think of that until I got to work.

Ten years man, I was overdue I think.
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I think this is my favorite clip I've run across on youtube forthis series of shows.

Probably NOT safe for work - especially near the end.

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oh Nathan Lane, you lucky lucky man

Why am I not independently wealthy?

Broadway ladies? Is anyone seeing this?
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and something else to ponder...

Capt. John Harkness of Torchwood and Marvel's Agatha Harkness. Any relation? Relative, ex-wife, CURRENT wife? The mind ponders.
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Kyan Douglas of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and John Sheppard from SGA - long lost twin brothers or what?

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Improv Everywhere group with a wrinkle in time.

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It's the Pepsi add he did.

Happy Birthday Mr. Timberlake.

It has Trace in it!

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Quick life update.

New York trip is sadly off, I just can't afford it right now. I shall see if I can swing a weekend in November. Maybe. If so it will probably be very spur of the moment, take the bus in, stay at a hostel, see The Ritz and Young Frankenstein, and take the bus out.

Demonoid seems to be permanently gone. Woe. My 0-day comics fix is now gone. Damn the CRIA. *shakes fist*

I am tempted to get into the Bandslash fandom now. Yes, stictly due to THAT. I don't particularly like the music nor so I find the guys very attractive, but I am just contrary enough to look into it now. I think this is one fandom that I feel too old for.

If all goes as it historically does, I shall fall for the Supernatural fandom any time now, third season is usually when it happens in TV fandoms for me. I give Heroes 'til the end of this season. I haven't seen a single episode of either yet.

Tiny fandom round up: The Talented Mr. Ripley: Tom/Dickie, Room With a View: both Julian/Rupert RPS and George/Freddy, The Dark is Rising series: (the books and NOT the movies) Will/Bran, and The Endless Summer RPS: Pat/Wingnut. Strangely I have noticed that in all but two of my fandoms (DiR and Comicslash) There must be real-life people to base the imagery on, I have discovered that I need that to keep the picture ofthe characters in the back of my mind - it makes it easier to believe (if you will) when that aspect is there.

First person fiction. Does anyone else have a problem with this? I can read real memoirs no problem; but novels, short stories or fictional memoirs - I can not get into them. I find that perspective TRULY annoying. Anyone else?
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You've seen those pictures where the eyes follow you??

Watch ou for the boobie!

So not work safe. AT ALL!

*still laughing*
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My stomach,sides and throat hurt from laughing so hard and so long.

I have tears...TEARS...running donw my face.

I almost had to go change my pants laughing.

metaquotes can be dangerous

oh my god

Aug. 12th, 2007 06:49 pm
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Good grief.

I have no plans to leave LJ (even though I did join Insane Journal the other day - same name as here, one has to be able to track people down ya know.), then I saw what certain members of fandom did.

If I do leave? It's because of fandom and NOT LJ/6A. Batshit insane, people.

Good grief again.

And my NY week in October, may just be a long weekend as a family reunion may be in the offing that weekend.
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