Jun. 12th, 2012

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So I have a new fandom (see above) and am having thinky thoughts about things. Specifically the sequels and their possible storylines.

Personally I think that the reveal after the credits is a red herring, we won''t see him until trhe third movie - there is simply too much backstory and other characters that need to be introduced. he will probably show up in the second and the other films as they introduce the needed characters - we need to meet at least a couple of the cosmic characters (think we'll see Starfox on camera?).

Since they are working on an Ant-Man film I firmly believe/hope that the next Avengers film villain will be Ultron (a very smart killer robot), they are bringing him back in the comics as I type this and it looks to be big. How does this tie in you may ask? Coulson and Hank Pym is my answer. Hank Pym is responsible for Ultron and indirectly responsible for the Vision (a super-Android for those who do not follow the comics).

I think they will have Pym recreate Coulson as an LMD/Android (in Iron Man 3) using the android body or basing it off of aid body of Jim Hammond (the original Human Torch from WWII - possibly appearing in Captain America 2. ooh! Maybe we will get Invaders?), he will (in the Ant-Man movie) continue tinkering and Ultron will be created. This will be the plot leading up to Avengers 2 where Ultron does his usual take over the world thing. Janet van Dyne had better appear in there somewhere as well as she is Pym's love interest and the template for another robot, Jocasta - Ultron's love interest who does not return the favor. Yes, very weird relationships in that family. Coulson will become the Vision at some point by upgrading his technology with the help of Tony and/or JARVIS.

Hopefully, by this time Marvel will have bought back the rights to the X-Men so we can get Scarlet Witch appearing and the love story that arises between she and Vision in the comics. Which kills my Clint/Coulson loving heart.

If I could write I would so write this story. And now I should probably see if I can find an Avengers icon of some sort.


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