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2012-12-17 02:02 am

Matthew Haldeman-Time where have you gone?

Sooooo, anyone happen to have saved Living before the site disappeared? I am in the need for sparkly-porny-soap opera antics.

And wow, what did they do the posting interface? Has it been that long?
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2012-10-29 06:23 pm

(no subject)

oh god, I have a tumblr, I'm lincolnkw over there.

Anyone else?
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2012-09-10 07:45 pm

AfterElton question...

How the hell do you vote?? Do I have something blocked, I see nowhere to actually vote in this thing.
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2012-06-12 10:23 am

I have succumberd to the Avengers fandom

So I have a new fandom (see above) and am having thinky thoughts about things. Specifically the sequels and their possible storylines.

Personally I think that the reveal after the credits is a red herring, we won''t see him until trhe third movie - there is simply too much backstory and other characters that need to be introduced. he will probably show up in the second and the other films as they introduce the needed characters - we need to meet at least a couple of the cosmic characters (think we'll see Starfox on camera?).

Since they are working on an Ant-Man film I firmly believe/hope that the next Avengers film villain will be Ultron (a very smart killer robot), they are bringing him back in the comics as I type this and it looks to be big. How does this tie in you may ask? Coulson and Hank Pym is my answer. Hank Pym is responsible for Ultron and indirectly responsible for the Vision (a super-Android for those who do not follow the comics).

I think they will have Pym recreate Coulson as an LMD/Android (in Iron Man 3) using the android body or basing it off of aid body of Jim Hammond (the original Human Torch from WWII - possibly appearing in Captain America 2. ooh! Maybe we will get Invaders?), he will (in the Ant-Man movie) continue tinkering and Ultron will be created. This will be the plot leading up to Avengers 2 where Ultron does his usual take over the world thing. Janet van Dyne had better appear in there somewhere as well as she is Pym's love interest and the template for another robot, Jocasta - Ultron's love interest who does not return the favor. Yes, very weird relationships in that family. Coulson will become the Vision at some point by upgrading his technology with the help of Tony and/or JARVIS.

Hopefully, by this time Marvel will have bought back the rights to the X-Men so we can get Scarlet Witch appearing and the love story that arises between she and Vision in the comics. Which kills my Clint/Coulson loving heart.

If I could write I would so write this story. And now I should probably see if I can find an Avengers icon of some sort.
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2012-06-08 10:27 pm

Northstar's wedding has me worried

This will only make sense to those of you who read comics and know who the X-Men and Northstar are. So to clarify a bit, Northstar is an openly gay superhero who used to be a member of Alpha Flight and is now a member of the X-Men. He is getting married to his boyfriend Kyle in the next issue of whichever X-Men comic they are in, a first in comics history. There is a variant cover that has me worried.

At first glance the cover (an image of pictures of the various other superhero marriages and the two people involved) is a bit sweet. Unless you know the history of all of these couple. There are eleven couples, including Northstar and Kyle plus one BIG empty panel.

Of those other ten couples only TWO of them are still happily together: Reed and Sue and Luke and Jessica.

The others?

Storm and Black Panther: estranged
Professor X and Lilandra: she's dead
Yellowjacket/Ant Man and Wasp: she's dead
Mantis and Swordsman: one of them is dead, I think he is but it's a weird story
Namor and Marrina: he killed her when she was driven insane, she's back but not the same
Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor: she became a villain and was killed
Quicksilver and Crystal: separated if not divorced
Vision and Scarlet Witch: she went insane and killed him, he's back but has kicked her to the curb.

I think I have reason to be worried. Kyle's probably going to go nuts and try to kill everyone or something resulting in his death - I call Humanity First or whatever they are called now.
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2012-01-18 04:45 pm

hello....waits for echo

I posted three times in 2010 and 3 times in 2011 - so if I post three more times this year I will beat the previous two.

My life is boring. I've gone digital for my music and movies - sold off all but my documentaries, Looney Tunes and Lord of the Rings DVDs. Still have all of my CDs though. Am slowly moving to donate my books as I replace them wit digital versions but find it hard to do so, my books!

New job continues apace, shoes instead of books - very much a change from my comfort zone. It's actually rather interesting what you need to know about shoes and feet in general to not royally screw up someone's body. I am learning as I go.

My computer's power supply crapped out so until I can replace it (by myself, even!) I am using a sad little netbook. Vista. Joy. My life is full of first world problems.

Oh! My mother had her second stroke and no one in the family saw fit to email, facebook, or call me to let me know. She is fine now and recovering, but still!

Fandom's are still the same SGA, Potter, Buffy, crossovers, comics and popslash.

So, what have you all been up to?
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2011-10-29 12:36 am

Patrick Stump is this you?

I love the song and the album, very much with the fun! I am not so sure of his new look, it will take some getting used to.
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2011-07-31 10:28 pm

thank you!

At first I thought LJ hated me, then I realized LJ hated everyone.

Stupid DDOS.

Thanks to everyone who wished me condolences on the closing of my store and the best wishes in the job search. I admit, I sucked this past week at that whole "search" part of that sentence. I thought about my original backup plan and am thinking I may go another way.

Meh. I will have my rent paid up through December by the end of September if I don't find anything immediately. I'm going to talk to someone about something closer to home tomorrow.

Why, as I obviously suck at LJ, Facebook, and the long-ago MySpace am I thinking about starting a tumblr? And what would the idea behind it be? Another comic blog? An art-find blog? Yet another "ooh, that guy's hot" blog? Is it sad that I already have a name for it?

I also feel the need to dust off my Dreamwidth account, thanks for reminding me it existed EL!
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2011-07-21 03:34 pm

liquidation starts tomorrow for Borders

Borders liquidation was just approved by the judge and starts tomorrow. Look like I will be out of a job I like come September-ish. Thirty to thirty-five of the stores may be sold to Books-A-Million, four from my district, but not ours.


Retail is what I know and what I like, I just signed a year lease last month.

I am taking today as my last day off from nothing, tomorrow the vultures swoop in and start picking us clean and the ugly signage goes up. Hopefully I can find something soon. I need to ask my landlady to let me pay the rent ahead of time so I can get paid through December, at least. Next day off begins the job hunt.

Bleh, I haven't had to job hunt in 11 years. So many companies have those "personality tests" that weork fine unless you are anyone with management experience. People with supervisory/management experience know that so many of those answers are "yes, but..." or "no, but..." instead of Definitely Yes or somesuch.

One perk, chairs, wifi,cafe, computers and phones will all be going away very shortly. We will only be there to change signage, ring 'em up and just get shit onto the shelves.

I need happy making alcohol.
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2011-04-07 05:31 pm

those Reichen pictures

I admit, I saw them.

How long before someone asks Lance about them?
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2010-06-30 08:22 am

new JC Chasez demo?

from Lance's facebook, can anyone snag this for download?
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2010-06-04 09:54 pm

hotness discovered

look at me update twice in one day, let alone in one month - or even season.

I have recently been finding myself being attracted to redheads.  I have historically been almost exclusively attracted to brunettes (with a phase of blondes when I first came out) but now.....

redheads are totally hot!  )
Possibly Probably not safe for work
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2010-06-04 09:07 pm

oh, publishers! how you vex me...

Is it wrong that I've spent like $250 on out-of-print books so that I can scan them, edit them, and load them on my eReader?  Admittedly, most of that is on postage as the books themselves only cost a buck or so. 

Why have publishers not gone into their back catalog of titles and started releasing these things in digital format and marking them cheap?  I understand there must be rights issues with the author (or the author's estates), but really - the people buying these things are techies.  They are the most likely to read genre fiction and be of a certain generation (yes, this is me generalizing); and the number one complaint I hear at work is that older titles are not available to purchase.

Where can I find my eighties/ninetites fantasy and sci-fi?  Let alone the mysteries.

Stasheff, Gardner, Hawke, Callander, Foster, Carvic and many many others.  I am being forced, forced I tell you, to become a pirate (of sorts) and do it myself.

I'm about half-way finished  with the first book and have asked one person (so far) if she'd be willing to check out the format on her reader.

Wish me luck! 

And is it completely wrong to want the Bobbsey Twins series in digital format?
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2010-04-10 09:03 pm

comic book flaily

Crazy Jane and Danny the Street Bungalow are back in the Doom Patrol comic.

AMBUSH BUG is guest starring in the next issue!!

Zatanna is getting an ongoing series!!

I love DC right now.  They are forgiven mostly for Infinite Crisis.




Yes, I know.  It's been six months.  Nothing in my life has changed.  Am still employeed and have not won the lottery, moved or acquired a hot celebrity boyfriend.  Or even a hot noncelebrity boyfriend.

My life, he is boring.

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2009-10-03 11:20 pm

regarding that email from my yahoo account

It wasn't me. 

I saw a message from Kare that it went out and then a mail failure message so some of you didn't get it.


No idea where it came from.
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2009-08-11 08:52 pm

feh. feh I tell you. feh.

I have posted a whopping six times so far this year.   I am full of fail.

Ah well.  Work goes apace, I still have my job, it's not too stressfull, I'm still enjoying it for the most part.

I go into get blood drawn in a couple of weeks and then go in a week ro so later to see if if it's true that I now have diabetes.  THe possibility is VERY high.  Both parents, one grandparent, four aunts and a cousin or two.  As the doctor said "so it's not a question of 'if', it's more a question of 'when', right?"

Joy.  A fantastical birthday present for me.  And this is the birthday that puts me "over 40".  The wonderful forty-one.

To help deal with this I think I shall go book buying.  And by "book buying" I mean trolling various websites to find copies of Margot Benary-Isbert's The Wicked Enchantment and Astrid Lindgrens' Emil's Pranks and Emil in the Soup Tureen - at least that's what I think the second is called.  I need to find the hardback versions with Bjorn Berg's illustrations.  I have very many happy memoriesof those books, although I could have sworn I had a copy of them in one volume.

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2009-07-02 01:14 pm

the coolest thuderstorm ever

Perpetuum Jazzile perform "Africa" live - the first two minutes are the thunderstorm done FANTASTICALLY!
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2009-05-19 09:44 pm

music stuff

Soooooo, Amazon has Pansy Division's new CD and DVD and Ginolli's book.

Do I order through  Amazon or through work.  Ponder, ponder, ponder.  Goes to check price with shipping versus my employee discount and no shipping.

Or do I preorder Malcolm Gets' new CDs?  He has a solo album coming out AND a new cast album he's in that I forget the title of.

Choices, choices.

I did order a CD of a group that I only had on a secondhand cassette copy of back in the '80s, Motherlode (and NOT the Canadian rock group) - this would be a female acoustic folk group.  I never knew their name only the title of two of their songs.  I got curious and typed in the title of one of  their songs and when that CD popped up I said "GimmEEEEE!!!"

My debit card almost got wallet burn.

I added the "Company" DVD to the order'cause how can you resist Raul Esparza at only $13???

Oh music, how you rule my finances right now.
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2009-05-06 11:00 pm

quick question...

OK, when I was a kid my dad had a collection of adult humor magazines that I could swear was put out by Playboy.  It was mostly B&W single panel strips and text jokes with color covers that I think were cardstock covers.

The only reason I think it would have been Playboy is that it was only risque cartoons and not hardcore stuff.  And that I recognise some of the cartoonist as regular Playboy contributors from the '70s.

This is stumping me - anyone have any idea??
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2009-04-21 07:37 pm

I have arrived

I will have to lay around with this starting on my next day off (Thursday) to get it looking the way I like and to get my profile (which sucks right now) the way I want it.

Then I have to figure out who's over here and what they're called.

I should figure out which disk I saved my icons to as well.