Jun. 4th, 2010

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Is it wrong that I've spent like $250 on out-of-print books so that I can scan them, edit them, and load them on my eReader?  Admittedly, most of that is on postage as the books themselves only cost a buck or so. 

Why have publishers not gone into their back catalog of titles and started releasing these things in digital format and marking them cheap?  I understand there must be rights issues with the author (or the author's estates), but really - the people buying these things are techies.  They are the most likely to read genre fiction and be of a certain generation (yes, this is me generalizing); and the number one complaint I hear at work is that older titles are not available to purchase.

Where can I find my eighties/ninetites fantasy and sci-fi?  Let alone the mysteries.

Stasheff, Gardner, Hawke, Callander, Foster, Carvic and many many others.  I am being forced, forced I tell you, to become a pirate (of sorts) and do it myself.

I'm about half-way finished  with the first book and have asked one person (so far) if she'd be willing to check out the format on her reader.

Wish me luck! 

And is it completely wrong to want the Bobbsey Twins series in digital format?
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look at me update twice in one day, let alone in one month - or even season.

I have recently been finding myself being attracted to redheads.  I have historically been almost exclusively attracted to brunettes (with a phase of blondes when I first came out) but now.....

redheads are totally hot!  )
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